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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

country market days

i am so excited to be apart of country market days this year
come out for live music and shopping
look for my booth and say hi
i would love to meet you
don't forget to..
mark your calendar

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


this summer has been a little crazy {to say the least}
-it started off with our 14 day vacation
{that i still need to post about}
- my frames are in an adorable boutique in Oklahoma
- went out of town again
-made frames and more frames
{need to add to my store}
-attended birthday parties
-went back out of town
-decorated my parents house for Fall
-boys started VBS this week
{taken after VBS and Tristan showing off his new headband he made}
-Tristan is trying to get sick on us
- and our house just went on the market..
-i have been so busy!

But, the most exciting news so far..

the boys start school in 3 weeks {wipe my tears}.
so, hopefully I can make it back online soon.
i miss making my posts.
have a blessed day

Monday, July 12, 2010

giveaway at gussy

giveaway day at gussy

enter to win a customized 4x6 button frame

giveaway runs until wednesday..

go check it out

good luck!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

family vacation day 1-2

i am finally back online!
we have been home for 2 weeks and i have been sooo busy.
{making frames, being cooped up in our house because it is pouring outside for 2 weeks--thanks to hurricane season, not feeling well, trying to catch up from being gone 14 days, turning a room into my office :) and making more frames}

we had so much fun on our family vacation!!
this was the 1st year all 4 of us went
{a vacation usually meant: leave the kids with my parents}

we started our journey to myrtle beach on monday, june 14th
we broke up the looong drive by staying 2 nights in a hotel.
the 1st night we stayed in new orleans, la
the 2nd night we stayed in jacksonville, fl

the boys did great in the car!
they kept busy watching movies and playing games on our iphones
{and never once took a nap..just me}
i am so glad we split up the drive like we did.
i don't think they {or me} could have handled being in the car longer than we had to. my husband loves to drive places
..and take the "scenic" route {even if it takes us 1-2 hours extra}.
i am glad he is like that because i get to see towns/states that i have never seen before. thanks honey!

both days we drove we stopped at rest areas, had a picnic, and let the boys run around and explore while they could.
every time we stopped they pulled out their guns and pretended they were in an army war of some sort {tristan loves army! so he always tried to bribe deacon into some kind of army game when we stopped}

every hotel we stayed at we swam and hung out as a family
it was great!

when we were not at a hotel or a rest stop eating our picnic lunch we were dddriving...
and dddriving...

come back to see more of our vacation, decorating ideas, and a giveaway soon
have a blessed day

Monday, June 28, 2010

back to reality

it seems like ages since i have been online!
i have not had access to my computer for 14 days...
it felt weird, but really nice being away from it.
i have so much to blog about!
i will try and post something tonight after the boys go to bed.
i'll try..
have a wonderful day

Sunday, June 13, 2010

family vacation

we are leaving in the morning for vacation
this vacation is very special because all 4 of us are going!
i am soo excited and can't wait

this means i will not be online for 2 weeks.
i am going to try and post our vacation as we go
but, no promises. i might be having too much fun
that i can't get to my computer ;)

our vacation:
-2 days driving: stopping in new orleans & jacksonville
-myrtle beach- 5 days
-smoky mountains- 5 days
-2 days driving home: stopping in birmingham & new orleans
- then home sweet home

i can't wait to tell you what we did
i better get back to packing
i have a loooong day tomorrow


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

giveaway time!

head over to Bless Our Nest and enter in the giveaway
as soon as i get back in town {and before i leave again} i will post my bedroom window mistreatments. school got out last week and then we {me and the boys} came to waco to help my sister decorate her home and get ready for a baby shower at her house. i have been going non-stop for 2 weeks.. and summer just officially started.
on monday,
we are taking our first family vacation with the 4 of us.
i am sooo excited and can't wait!
we are going to myrtle beach for 5 days and
then to a cabin in the smoky mountains for 5 days.
the boys are going to have so much fun!
lets just hope the drive from
texas to south carolina
to tennessee to texas
will be good :)
have a blessed day!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

summer sale

one of my favorite seasons is summer.

to celebrate

let's have a sale.

head over to my store and enjoy 15% off until friday
{enter SUMMER when you checkout}

need gifts for graduation, birthdays, weddings, showers
these unique frames make wonderful gifts
enjoy your day &
happy shopping

Thursday, May 27, 2010

mistreatments:: how-to

i have been struggling for a long time on these 2 windows.
i look at them and i do not know what to do.
i looked in magazines for some kind of inspiration
i shopped my house..
and finally..
they are done!

come back tomorrow and see what i did


stop over at dang gina giveaways and enter in to win a free frame

have a blessed day!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

family photo shoot and a winner

we had family pictures taken on sunday morning in galveston.
we met at 9:15 am at the seawall & 61st.
the weather was perfect
well, maybe a little too windy {for me}

i was so excited because one of my really good friends, jamie, was taking our pictures.
this was the first time in 5 years that someone {other than my talented sister} has taken our family pictures. i couldn't wait!

i had so much fun trying to decide what we were all going to wear.
i was trying to think out of the box and use color
but.. i kept going back to white and khaki.

the boys outfits were easy to put together
... khaki shorts and a white polo
but, finding the "right" outfit for me was the challenge.

i tried to "be good" and find something in my closet to wear.
i think i tried on 100 outfits before i couldn't take it any more!
so, i got in my car and headed to my favorite shops.
i walked into my all-time favorite shop..
and there it was!
the most b.e.a.u.t.iful outfit
it was perfect!

we took several pictures
and they are all so cute!
we had so much fun.
i can't wait to do this again
thanks jamie!!

now, all i have to do is figure out what pictures i want to order...
i'll share more pictures soon

now the giveaway ;)
the giveaway winner is...

Monday, May 24, 2010

family weekend

this weekend was so much fun spending time as a family!
this was the first weekend in a while that we did not have a baseball game.
to be honest.. it felt really nice to finally relax a little

on saturday:
we got up, got on our swimsuits, packed our lunch {which we left on the kitchen counter}, loaded up the truck, and headed to the beach.

the weather was perfect and we had fun playing in the water
and spending quality time as a family
i. loved. it!

the boys played together so good
they shook seaweed and found all kind of creators
played on their boards
jumped in the water
i loved watching them play with each other

oh, how i wish they were always this sweet to each other
my precious boys that i love so much

on sunday:
we took family pictures {i can't wait to show you} in galveston, walked by the beach, ate brunch, and rode the ferry {free entertainment}

the boys enjoy riding the ferry across the ocean.
.. watching the birds swoop down and eat fish, looking for dolphins {which we saw several}, and looking at all the different boats around us
...just enjoying each other


walking to get on the ferry

then we got on the ferry and rode it across the ocean

deacon was so tired of taking pictures today
this is the only picture i got of us 3

i love these boys!
thank you Jesus for blessing me with an amazing husband who love me for me and 2 adorable boys that have changed my whole entire life.
i love you

i enjoyed spending quality time as a family!
i can't wait to do this again
{deacon was very tired of taking pictures}

extra pictures...

here is the galveston memorial {great storm of 1900} taken during hurricane ike in 2008
{photo credit}

{photo credit}

here is the memorial on sunday, may 23, 2010

have a wonderful day!
take every moment and cherish it

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

birthday boy

today is deacon's 5th birthday!
it is so hard to believe my little precious baby is 5.
it seems like yesterday that i found out we were having another boy.
today for his special day we met up with a couple of my
friends and headed to the houston zoo.

everyone had a great time walking around looking at all the animals

and enjoying everything the houston zoo has to offer
one big event today at the zoo was the debut of the 390 pound baby elephant, Baylor.
we enjoyed watching that adorable elephant

we also had a BIG surprise while we were watching baby Baylor.

this man took our picture and then told us he was with houston chronicle..

and that our picture was going to be in the chronicle tomorrow.

here is the picture that made it in the newspaper:

{leah and hannah, beth and noah, and my precious tristan...can you see the white blur below noahs fingers? well, that's me}

{my friend beth & noah also made it on the news}

to end the day we rode on the train that goes around hermann park.

the boys had so much fun! they wanted to ride again.. and again.
i was way. too. tired. to ride again!

thanks to all my sweet friends who spent the day with us!
we all had fun and can't wait to do it again.

we will always cherish this day with you all!

I hope you had a fun birthday Deacon!

Monday, May 17, 2010

a-l-m-o-s-t there & a giveaway

i almost have 300 followers! {smile}

Yeah ~ Yeah ~ Yeah

this blog started out being a place i could come and journal about projects that i have done, share/sell frames i have made, and talk about what's going on in my life. it has been so amazing to see how many people read my little ole blog.
thank you all so much!

i truly appreciate being apart of the blog-land. i enjoy reading other blogs and getting inspired by all these VERY talented women out there. it's great "meeting" other women that have small businesses and enjoy doing what i love doing... decorating!

thank you to everyone who have encouraged me this year with my business!
so, since i am so happy and totally appreciate
let's have a GIVEAWAY!!

to enter:

- tell me what colors you would like on your frame
- become one of my lovely followers
- follow me on twitter
- follow me on facebook
-go visit my store here and here
- for placing an order you get another entry
{giveaway ends friday, may 21st}

since i am so happy.. enjoy 15% off this week on ALL orders
enter: HAPPY at checkout
{i will add more frames to my store tonight}

These make great gifts!!
DON'T FORGET about graduations, weddings, birthdays, showers...

thank you!!
have a blessed day,

Monday, May 10, 2010

calling all houstonians

Spring Bazaar at St. Andrew's in the Heights
1819 Heights Boulevard
Houston, TX 77008

May 15, 2010
10 am - 4 pm
{rain or shine}

The Spring Bazaar offer wonderful shopping, food, music and fun! Items on hand will include handcrafted jewelry, accessories and toys for babies and children, unique art and home decor, handmade clothing, purses and accessories, old-fashioned quilts, yard art, gourmet foods, health and beauty products, and much, much more!

Admission is come ready to shop till you drop!
If you can come out Saturday.. stop by my booth. I would love to meet you!
I better get back to making frames :)
Have a blessed day

Need a gift for graduation, weddings, birthdays, showers?
I have the perfect gift for you!
head over here or here

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

sneak peak..

i. am. so. excited to finally tell you that just simply southern will be in a magazine. whoo!!

a couple months ago a magazine contacted me to tell me they enjoy my website and were looking for businesses to appear in their magazine {to advertise}. first of all, i could not believe they were asking me. i have been blown away that people read my blog, email me for decorating help, people all over the united states order my frames, my frames are in shops, and now i will be in a magazine. thank you all so much for supporting my business this year! i LOVE what i do and i am so glad my dream is {finally} coming true!

once i got over the shock of a magazine contacting me i could not wait to contact my web designer, lauren. i can not tell you enough that i love this girl! she has designed everything for me and has done an amazing job! i have been so happy with all of her designs she has created for me. she is a joy to work with. thanks lauren!!

here is a sneak peak of my ad:

come back to see what i found at a garage sale.. {my new favorite hobby}

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

new shop

i am so excited to announce my new shop!
i am still working on it, but i could not wait to share it with you.

check it out and let me know what you think

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

what a weekend!

here is a recap of my weekend..


Tristan had a game at 8pm. He is our little pitcher {just like his daddy} and he did an awesome job at this game. We were so proud of him!

After the game we came home... it was 10:45pm.

Once we got home Tristan started complaining his head was hurting. He took his temperature and it was 100.0 -- we gave him Tylenol and put him to bed.

After we got the boys to bed we watched American Idol until 1AM.

When we were heading to bed our sweet dog, Max was limping and moving pretty slow. He had shots this morning and was pretty sore. We put him on our bed and he slept there all night... not moving at all.

Friday morning:

-I got to sleep in a little this morning because Tristan was home sick.

- checked on Tristan.. and gave him some medicine {still running fever}

- My husband got ready for work and walked out the door

This is what he walked out to:

Yep! Someone had stolen the wheels off his truck!! We could not believe it. Apparently these truck wheels are VERY popular right now and tons are being stolen.

- we called the police

- called our insurance company

- called the Chevy Dealership and they sent out a wrecker

- in shock a-l-l day!


- I went to garage sales all morning with 2 of my good friends {can't wait to show you what I found!..coming soon}

- Got home and went straight to Tristan's baseball game


- went to church

- after church we ate lunch and then went on a family outing..

We had so much fun picking strawberries at a local farm. The boys got to pick their own strawberries {so did we}.. and they had a blast! I can't wait until we do that again.

What a weekend!!

We got our truck back Monday. If you drive a Chevy Tx Edition with 20 inch wheels...
You can get locks at Tire Stores {Discount Tires, NTB, etc..}
Have a very blessed week!
new items coming soon..