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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

bedskirt tutorial

i have had this fabric stored away for over a year now. i found it at an awesome fabric store in houston on clearance...that i could not pass up. originally, i bought it to hang behind our bed {here}. but, when i got it home it looked a little too heavy behind our bed. i needed something a little lighter and airy-er {if that's even a word} because my mistreatments are heavy and my walls are dark.
so, i decided to make a bed skirt with this adorable fabric that i have been holding on to. it was soo easy to make and it only took about 45 minutes!
here is what i did:
{measured the length of my bed & added another foot or so before i cut}
1) laid down my fabric on my living room floor
2) cut the fabric in half & glued the end together {i loved the frayed end so i didn't glue that end.. the frayed end will be the part that touches the floor}
3) i was too lazy to take my old bed skirt off the i kept it hidden under the new one
4) i tucked the material under the bed until the length was perfect
5) i added some more fabric and squished it together.. making it look like it is pleated
6) i pinned the 2 pieces of fabric together so they will stay put and not split open
NOW, i'm all finished!
:: the only thing i still have to do is add velcro to the material and mattress so the skirt will not fall off ::
sorry i've been a little m.i.a lately. last week i was trying to clean my house, put out my easter/spring decor, making custom order frames, and get ready for my sister and 3 other couples to come to our house. baylor basketball was playing in houston and they all came to go to the game. i was a little busy and the computer would not fit into my schedule.
well, i better run
i had a sick little boy yesterday and the big boy today..
have a wonderful day
it is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l outside!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

big boy!

Last week Deacon decided to take his training wheels off and ride his bike. I was so amazed how quickly he caught on! My cousin came over and her little boy {Zachari} brought his bike to my parents. When Deacon saw Zachari's bike he wanted his training wheels off too! I pulled out the video camera {so we can show Daddy since he was at home working} to capture his first bike ride without training wheels. You would never know this picture was the second time he has rode his bike without training wheels. He is getting so big! Time flies too quick!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

spring is here and an easter tree

spring is here
i had so much fun today making my parents an Easter Tree.
i can't wait to get home and make me one :)
this tree would be adorable to keep out all year..
spring {eggs}, summer {birds}, fall {pumpkins}, winter {owls}

...and this tree is very easy to make.

i went antique shopping today {with my dad}
and found this precious flowerpot

i walked into one of my favorite shops today
and found this amazing. tree. branch!
i found exactly what i needed to make my spring tree
and it was fake... yep that's right! F-A-K-E!
isn't it beautiful

once you find your flowerpot and branch you are ready to put the tree together.
i used foam & green moss from hobby lobby.

first, i cut a hole in the middle of the foam
next, i set my branch inside the hole
then, i laid green grassy moss on top to cover the foam
finally, i set some eggs on top of the grass

once your tree limb is in the pot you can start decorating it.
my mom had some really cute Easter eggs and that is what i hung on her tree.
{i had to take some for my tree too.. thanks mom!}
this tree turned out soo cute
i can't wait to make me one!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

nesters giveaway day

I am so honored to be apart of The Nester's Giveaway Day {again}!
Head on over to The Nesting Place for awesome giveaways today and tomorrow.
{You will find me here}
We made it safely to my parents house last night.
I am decorating their home for spring this week... come back to see pictures.

Friday, March 12, 2010

lets play ball

we l.o.v.e. baseball!

i'm sure it has a little to do with my husband being a pitcher... he played when he was a little boy, got scholarships in college to pitch, and he even played in the texas-louisiana league after college {not to mention he was picked up by detroit tigers after high school and turned it down to go to college --in hopes to be picked up again-- but, he would have never met me}.

last weekend was opening day for baseball
we are on the white sox this year

it's a BIG thing in our town. we had to be there at 7:45am for the parade and opening ceremonies, the carnival, and then the expo game at 3pm. this is the first year for my husband to coach tristan's baseball team.. and tristan loves it.

needless to say this. day. is. exhaustinggg!

tristan is our little pitcher.
it is amazing how hard and far that kid can throw!
i think he is taking after his daddy.

... and deacon reese likes to pitch too..

the only picture we got of the 4 of us..
{deacon was tired of taking pictures and tristan was talking}

tristan's game started at 3pm and they did really good.
i am looking forward to our next game in 2 weeks.

after the game the boys went to an empty softball field to play some ball. tristan was teaching deacon how to pitch and he was taking it very seriously. it was so cute to watch them play.

have a very blessed weekend!

{our spring break is next week and we are heading to my parents.. time to decorate their house for spring.}

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

making coasters

I am involved in a bible study that meets once a month. Every month we study the bible, eat lunch, and do some awesome crafts. In February, I could not go because that was my son, Tristan's birthday {I ate lunch with him}. Since I could not go I had to do this months craft at home...with some help from my 4 year old, Deacon.

We used tiles {that can be bought from your local hardware store}, alcohol, cotton ball, and a monogrammed letter.

First, you wipe off the tiles with rubbing alcohol.

Place your monogrammed letter on the tile and press down.

Peel the paper off.

The last step is to spray the tiles with a sealer {i used matte}.
I got mine at Hobby Lobby.

Now, you have some some pretty coasters to display around your home.

{Thanks Deacon for all of your help! I can't wait for our next project. I love you}

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


new items are being added to my store.
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

giveaway winners

Thank you all for coming to my site and participating in the giveaway.
I had fun and I can't wait to do this again.
Thank You the vintage pearl, designer blogs, pleated poppy, gussy, and purple lemon designs for being apart of my giveaway!
Here are the winners:
The Vintage Pearl: Living for Him- AmberDawn
Designer Blogs: McNab Girls- Jaime
The Pleated Poppy: (M)2- Mindy
Just Simply Southern: Whimsical Creations- Melanie
Gussy: Captivating Moments- Raylene Nicole
Purple Lemon Designs: all thingz related -Bridgette