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Sunday, July 11, 2010

family vacation day 1-2

i am finally back online!
we have been home for 2 weeks and i have been sooo busy.
{making frames, being cooped up in our house because it is pouring outside for 2 weeks--thanks to hurricane season, not feeling well, trying to catch up from being gone 14 days, turning a room into my office :) and making more frames}

we had so much fun on our family vacation!!
this was the 1st year all 4 of us went
{a vacation usually meant: leave the kids with my parents}

we started our journey to myrtle beach on monday, june 14th
we broke up the looong drive by staying 2 nights in a hotel.
the 1st night we stayed in new orleans, la
the 2nd night we stayed in jacksonville, fl

the boys did great in the car!
they kept busy watching movies and playing games on our iphones
{and never once took a nap..just me}
i am so glad we split up the drive like we did.
i don't think they {or me} could have handled being in the car longer than we had to. my husband loves to drive places
..and take the "scenic" route {even if it takes us 1-2 hours extra}.
i am glad he is like that because i get to see towns/states that i have never seen before. thanks honey!

both days we drove we stopped at rest areas, had a picnic, and let the boys run around and explore while they could.
every time we stopped they pulled out their guns and pretended they were in an army war of some sort {tristan loves army! so he always tried to bribe deacon into some kind of army game when we stopped}

every hotel we stayed at we swam and hung out as a family
it was great!

when we were not at a hotel or a rest stop eating our picnic lunch we were dddriving...
and dddriving...

come back to see more of our vacation, decorating ideas, and a giveaway soon
have a blessed day


  1. It looks like y'all had a great time! I love family vacations! Hope you have a great week! ~Andrea

  2. Looks like so much fun! I am SO glad it is sunny here again. :)

  3. found your blog from kelly's korner.
    You have such a cute blog and I am very jealous of how crafty and creative you are!!!
    ps, you have beautiful children!