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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

what a weekend!

here is a recap of my weekend..


Tristan had a game at 8pm. He is our little pitcher {just like his daddy} and he did an awesome job at this game. We were so proud of him!

After the game we came home... it was 10:45pm.

Once we got home Tristan started complaining his head was hurting. He took his temperature and it was 100.0 -- we gave him Tylenol and put him to bed.

After we got the boys to bed we watched American Idol until 1AM.

When we were heading to bed our sweet dog, Max was limping and moving pretty slow. He had shots this morning and was pretty sore. We put him on our bed and he slept there all night... not moving at all.

Friday morning:

-I got to sleep in a little this morning because Tristan was home sick.

- checked on Tristan.. and gave him some medicine {still running fever}

- My husband got ready for work and walked out the door

This is what he walked out to:

Yep! Someone had stolen the wheels off his truck!! We could not believe it. Apparently these truck wheels are VERY popular right now and tons are being stolen.

- we called the police

- called our insurance company

- called the Chevy Dealership and they sent out a wrecker

- in shock a-l-l day!


- I went to garage sales all morning with 2 of my good friends {can't wait to show you what I found!..coming soon}

- Got home and went straight to Tristan's baseball game


- went to church

- after church we ate lunch and then went on a family outing..

We had so much fun picking strawberries at a local farm. The boys got to pick their own strawberries {so did we}.. and they had a blast! I can't wait until we do that again.

What a weekend!!

We got our truck back Monday. If you drive a Chevy Tx Edition with 20 inch wheels...
You can get locks at Tire Stores {Discount Tires, NTB, etc..}
Have a very blessed week!
new items coming soon..

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