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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

sneak peak..

i. am. so. excited to finally tell you that just simply southern will be in a magazine. whoo!!

a couple months ago a magazine contacted me to tell me they enjoy my website and were looking for businesses to appear in their magazine {to advertise}. first of all, i could not believe they were asking me. i have been blown away that people read my blog, email me for decorating help, people all over the united states order my frames, my frames are in shops, and now i will be in a magazine. thank you all so much for supporting my business this year! i LOVE what i do and i am so glad my dream is {finally} coming true!

once i got over the shock of a magazine contacting me i could not wait to contact my web designer, lauren. i can not tell you enough that i love this girl! she has designed everything for me and has done an amazing job! i have been so happy with all of her designs she has created for me. she is a joy to work with. thanks lauren!!

here is a sneak peak of my ad:

come back to see what i found at a garage sale.. {my new favorite hobby}


  1. Congratulations! So exciting!

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  3. Hey girl! I found you through Beneath My Heart. LOVE your frames...they are adorable. Congratulations on making it in the magazine!! I look forward to following your blog. God bless :-)