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Monday, May 24, 2010

family weekend

this weekend was so much fun spending time as a family!
this was the first weekend in a while that we did not have a baseball game.
to be honest.. it felt really nice to finally relax a little

on saturday:
we got up, got on our swimsuits, packed our lunch {which we left on the kitchen counter}, loaded up the truck, and headed to the beach.

the weather was perfect and we had fun playing in the water
and spending quality time as a family
i. loved. it!

the boys played together so good
they shook seaweed and found all kind of creators
played on their boards
jumped in the water
i loved watching them play with each other

oh, how i wish they were always this sweet to each other
my precious boys that i love so much

on sunday:
we took family pictures {i can't wait to show you} in galveston, walked by the beach, ate brunch, and rode the ferry {free entertainment}

the boys enjoy riding the ferry across the ocean.
.. watching the birds swoop down and eat fish, looking for dolphins {which we saw several}, and looking at all the different boats around us
...just enjoying each other


walking to get on the ferry

then we got on the ferry and rode it across the ocean

deacon was so tired of taking pictures today
this is the only picture i got of us 3

i love these boys!
thank you Jesus for blessing me with an amazing husband who love me for me and 2 adorable boys that have changed my whole entire life.
i love you

i enjoyed spending quality time as a family!
i can't wait to do this again
{deacon was very tired of taking pictures}

extra pictures...

here is the galveston memorial {great storm of 1900} taken during hurricane ike in 2008
{photo credit}

{photo credit}

here is the memorial on sunday, may 23, 2010

have a wonderful day!
take every moment and cherish it

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  1. beautiful pics. we were just in galveston a month ago. miss it already and can't wait 'til we're all moved in....2 weeks and we'll live in houston, too!