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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


this summer has been a little crazy {to say the least}
-it started off with our 14 day vacation
{that i still need to post about}
- my frames are in an adorable boutique in Oklahoma
- went out of town again
-made frames and more frames
{need to add to my store}
-attended birthday parties
-went back out of town
-decorated my parents house for Fall
-boys started VBS this week
{taken after VBS and Tristan showing off his new headband he made}
-Tristan is trying to get sick on us
- and our house just went on the market..
-i have been so busy!

But, the most exciting news so far..

the boys start school in 3 weeks {wipe my tears}.
so, hopefully I can make it back online soon.
i miss making my posts.
have a blessed day


  1. A baby How exciting!!! Hope you are feeling well. Enjoy your time with the boys well they are home. They grow up way too fast!!

  2. WOW!!! congratulations! how old are your other boys? I have 2 boys also, 4 1/2 and 6, and I've wanted another baby for a year now. Hubby says no. :( How exciting for you guys!

  3. thanks! we are so excited! my boys are 9 and 5. it's weird thinking i was pregnant 10 years ago with my oldest... ummm, very crazy. my husband was very content with the boys, but i really wanted another child to feel complete. it's going to be fun with the boys being older..they can help :)

  4. Hey! Congrats on the new baby! My first is due March 8th, How are you feeling?

  5. i'm feeling really good...minus the heartburn. thank goodness for acid pills. they have been my lifesaver.

  6. That's great news! Congrats! Love the name Perry! Reminds me of my favorite show scrubs, that isn't as good as it used to be! :)