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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

bedskirt tutorial

i have had this fabric stored away for over a year now. i found it at an awesome fabric store in houston on clearance...that i could not pass up. originally, i bought it to hang behind our bed {here}. but, when i got it home it looked a little too heavy behind our bed. i needed something a little lighter and airy-er {if that's even a word} because my mistreatments are heavy and my walls are dark.
so, i decided to make a bed skirt with this adorable fabric that i have been holding on to. it was soo easy to make and it only took about 45 minutes!
here is what i did:
{measured the length of my bed & added another foot or so before i cut}
1) laid down my fabric on my living room floor
2) cut the fabric in half & glued the end together {i loved the frayed end so i didn't glue that end.. the frayed end will be the part that touches the floor}
3) i was too lazy to take my old bed skirt off the i kept it hidden under the new one
4) i tucked the material under the bed until the length was perfect
5) i added some more fabric and squished it together.. making it look like it is pleated
6) i pinned the 2 pieces of fabric together so they will stay put and not split open
NOW, i'm all finished!
:: the only thing i still have to do is add velcro to the material and mattress so the skirt will not fall off ::
sorry i've been a little m.i.a lately. last week i was trying to clean my house, put out my easter/spring decor, making custom order frames, and get ready for my sister and 3 other couples to come to our house. baylor basketball was playing in houston and they all came to go to the game. i was a little busy and the computer would not fit into my schedule.
well, i better run
i had a sick little boy yesterday and the big boy today..
have a wonderful day
it is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l outside!!

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  1. Nice fabric, Kristi! I think you did great on this and thanks for the tutorial. I've been feeling that I need a change with my bedskirt, too. I was thinking of going to Big Lots and getting dropcloth for it.