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Friday, August 28, 2009

Master Bedroom

I have been so busy since school started I have neglected my last project... {My Master Bedroom}
Last Christmas I bought a pot rack from
I have always wanted to hang it above our bed... with drapes.

This has been a project that I have wanted to do, but could never find the "right" drapes for my room. I wanted something airy, a color that went with the rest of my house (so I could move it to different parts of my house), and I did not want to pay a lot for it.

So, I looked...and looked....and looked..
Well.... I found something that would work perfect!

Here is the before picture:

Then, I took the plates down:

Hung the pot rack:

Here you go:
{I bought 6 yards of fabric, cut it in half, and then hung it up with safety pins}

I still have to search around for something to hang on the wall. I was so sad my wall piece "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" did not fit. I think I have seen a smaller one at our church bookstore.

This was VERY easy and quick transformation for our bedroom.

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  1. What a wonderful idea! I think it looks great.
    I have a funny story about that " always kiss me goodnight" I have that wall applique, but the hubs was so against it going on the wall. Anyway I try to compromise now and again--so it went on our bed, except it didn't fit- so I put the "always" on the headboard and the "kiss me goodnight" on the footboard..
    Now everytime the kiddo walks into our bedroom--she's like "oh great, this place reminds me of Walmart" --aka "Always low prices"!!!

    Hope you share more pictures.

  2. your helpers--that must have been pretty heavy to hang if you all needed some weapons!!LOL

  3. Looks great!
    Such a creative idea!!!!!