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Friday, March 12, 2010

lets play ball

we l.o.v.e. baseball!

i'm sure it has a little to do with my husband being a pitcher... he played when he was a little boy, got scholarships in college to pitch, and he even played in the texas-louisiana league after college {not to mention he was picked up by detroit tigers after high school and turned it down to go to college --in hopes to be picked up again-- but, he would have never met me}.

last weekend was opening day for baseball
we are on the white sox this year

it's a BIG thing in our town. we had to be there at 7:45am for the parade and opening ceremonies, the carnival, and then the expo game at 3pm. this is the first year for my husband to coach tristan's baseball team.. and tristan loves it.

needless to say this. day. is. exhaustinggg!

tristan is our little pitcher.
it is amazing how hard and far that kid can throw!
i think he is taking after his daddy.

... and deacon reese likes to pitch too..

the only picture we got of the 4 of us..
{deacon was tired of taking pictures and tristan was talking}

tristan's game started at 3pm and they did really good.
i am looking forward to our next game in 2 weeks.

after the game the boys went to an empty softball field to play some ball. tristan was teaching deacon how to pitch and he was taking it very seriously. it was so cute to watch them play.

have a very blessed weekend!

{our spring break is next week and we are heading to my parents.. time to decorate their house for spring.}

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  1. Go Sox!!! We are *HUGE* White Sox fans here at our house. Here in Chicagoland, it's either the Cubs or the Sox.