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Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Photo Shoot

The boys: Deacon(4), Tristan(8), Griffin(2mo.), & Creighton(3)

This weekend we headed to Waco to take {our annual} family pictures. Every year my family {mom, dad, me, and my sister} gets together to take {attempt} family pictures for our Christmas Card. The planning process starts weeks before we actually get together. My sister & I pick out the colors to make sure everyone coordinates and then it's time to go shopping {in each others closets or at the store}. This year I was the one that shopped for the boys outfits and found our colors for the photo shoot. Then my sister and I went shopping for the girls.

Every year it gets harder and harder with all these boys we have in our family... they think ONE picture is "good enough" while my sister and I try to get as many as we can! With me coaching everyone where to sit and my sister snapping away I think we managed to get some keepers... we did end up taking 700 pictures in about an hour.

Even though the boys were ready to leave, my sister getting stressed because she wants the little boys all smiling.. in one picture, my mom talking in almost every picture, and me trying to get ONE more picture. This is what we decided to do...

{My 8 year old is thinking "What is my crazy family doing now"}

Sunday could not have been a nicer day for a photo shoot! There was a cool breeze and the lighting was perfect outside. Here is a sneak peek of our photo shoot:

:: Can't wait until I see more pictures Thanks Kimberly! ::


  1. That is great! I thought we were the only crazy family to do that!!! It has been a struggle every year to try to get one for the christmas card. I have 2 sisters and now there are 7 grandkids under 7yrs old and it is getting harder and harder to do. The husbands are less that amused at our attempts!! Great pictures you got!!! The boys are adorable!

  2. You should use the first pic as the front of your card, and use that saying "We may not have it all together.. And then on the inside use the good shot and say "But together we have it all" Those pics would be perfect for that! I think they look great, and the colors look awesome!