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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

{Just Simply Southern Giveaway}

I am having my
1st Giveaway
at Just Simply Southern
Here is how you can win a FREE FRAME:
:: write a comment on what you would do with a FREE frame
:: Become one of my lovely Followers
:: What colors you would like on your frame
:: Tell your friends about the giveaway
:: Giveaway ends Saturday at midnight
I feel so Blessed!
God has truly giving me one amazing life. Now don't get me wrong..I have had some mountains to climb {high mountains}. But, everyday I get out of bed I feel truly blessed. I have an amazing husband, 2 handsome boys, a great family, parents that stood by me no matter what and raised me in a loving Godly home. I am so glad I have the opportunity to stay at home with my sweet little boy, Deacon Reese! Now we definitely are "cutting" back on a lot of "things" that we got to do when I was teaching and making money. Now, we are teaching our boys {more than ever} that money does not grow on trees and we cannot go to Sonic everyday to get a slush.. {there response is "Mom, just use Dad's money"...} I have enjoyed waking the boys up in the morning, taking/picking Tristan up from school, helping him with his homework, and making homemade cookies after school.

Good Luck
Have a blessed day,


  1. I would put it in my front room for all to see!
    I just became a follower yesterday!
    Earthy tones are good-with a little warmth ofcourse!
    Thanks! I love your stuff!

  2. I would put the frame in my living room, which has plumish- burgundy furniture, so maybe something that would compliment that. I am terrible with colors.

  3. I'm currently working out a decorating scheme in my newly remodeled house... I think your frame would be perfect! Our walls are green and our furniture is brown leather... maybe something in Brown and Red to accent!!

  4. I would use it in my kitchen. The colors in my house are brown, red, gold, olive green.Really, they would look great in any of my rooms. I saw one in person at Melissa F's house in Charlotte's room. So precious!

  5. I would use the frame in our brand new (1st time home buyers in TEXAS)home. Probably in my great room...lots of natural, earthy tones. Love your work! ;)

  6. Just became a follower! I love nice photo frames, and neutral colors browns, beige etc... work best in my home. I would put a photo of my children in the frame-and display it on the wall in the living room where I display all the family portraits. Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. I just blog hopped and found your cute blog! If I won a frame (from your very 1st giveaway, ROCKIN') I would love it in RED! It would throw some extra color on the walls in my scrap room! I would also add distressing and embellishments to in after I mounted our newest family photo to it...40's theme, vintage style! It totally rocks and needs a rockin' frame to house it! Thanks! My fingers are crossed!! T. Wolfe (

  8. I would definatly put it in my bedroom! I found your blog last week and it toally inspired me to fix up my bedroom! Your window treatments caused me to revamp the curtains! I painted the whole room (by myself) and painted and distressed a hutch top for my scrapbooking table. I had a miscarriage last Thursday and your blog helped me keep my mind off of it. This frame would definatly be a reminder to stay strong...and! Thank you either way. My room is a goldish, maroon/red and black. Sounds crazy! lol. But earthy goldish tan and red. My pictures may be posted on my blog soon! But if I won....hopefully I would be able to put my NEW pregnancy picture....whenever it is in Gods plan!
    God Bless...and you rock by the way!

  9. I love your frames, and your shop name! Us Southern gals have to stick together! I don't have a sister, so I have "adopted" my younger cousin as my little sister. She is the is a Southern Belle in every sense of the word, a pageant queen and sorority girl. She just graduated from Ole Miss School of Pharmacy and got engaged to the love of her life, and has honored me with the title of Maid of Honor in her wedding. I am helping to plan this grand Southern occasion (500 guests and counting!), and I think your frames would be perfect to hold photos of my cousin and her fiancee at her engagement party, showers, rehearsal dinner, and reception. Since her colors are pink and turquoise, and her theme is romance, I would love to see those colors on a frame if I won. Maybe I'll feel generous enough to let her keep it! ;) By the way, I think your frames would also be great as favors or to hold table numbers. If I win, send me a stack of business cards, as I am sure there will be lots of ladies asking me where they can get these lovely frames!

  10. If I'm not too late, I would just found your blog and would love to be entered in the giveaway! I would put the frame in my daughter's nursery. We are doing her nursery in lavender and chocolate brown, so those colors would be great in the frame!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Hi! I just found your blog today, and have been reading for about a half hour but I had to come back to this post. (Not for the giveaway part, I missed that..hehe)

    Your blessed life is what I strive for. Well, I mean, we are truly happy and content, but the other part spoke to me. It's so silly but I want so badly to be able to wake my girls up, take them to school, be the room mom and always be there to give them their afternoon snack. Right now financially it's not even close to an option. But I wanted to say, I am so happy that you get to have such a wonderful opportunity to be "that" mom. :) Someday..Someday, I'll get to do that too! I can't wait.

    Anywho, your post made me smile. And wish. :)


  12. Without question, the frame would be used to display a photo of one or both of my girls! It would go in our bedroom(dark reds and golds) with a splash of leopard here and there! Our house is christian/western decor. So proud of you girl! Hope that I have sent you some biz!