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Monday, September 21, 2009

Decorating a "Problem" Wall

Have you ever had a wall in your house that became a
"BIG problem" when it came to decorating it?

Well... I have/had one of those..
I have lived in my house for 3 years now and I could never figure out this one wall in my living room. I have tried so many things on this wall and I have never been happy with it.
When I start decorating a space I go to magazines/Internet/TV to try and find something that inspires me. This particular wall has make me think...and think...and think...

Last week I went shopping around my house for things that I already own to decorate this challenging wall. {a little something about me...I love to change things up around my house. but, when i think i have found that "perfect" spot it is hard for me to move it} Well, after looking around I put together the NEW WALL...AND I love it!

Here is the wall:

This new wall makes me smile every time I get a glimpse of it.

Here it is...

Here is what I did:

{I took the mirror on my table from my breakfast room}

The Wall:
1- hung mirror first
2- hung the toile plates with plate hangers
3- took these Southern Living Plates from my cabinets and hung them
4-found these adorable plates from Hobby Lobby and strung black/white ribbon through the plates and then hung plates

Have you had that "problem wall?

How did you decorate it?

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  1. That looks great!! Thanks for joining my linky party!

  2. Nice, did you use the wire or these adhesive plate hangers ?