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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall into FALL

I love FALL!

I love everything about FALL...

the leaves are changing, the weather gets cooler, we are outside more playing, pumpkins, leaves are falling, acorns, Thanksgiving, pecan pie, soup, turkeys, bundles of hay, and filling my house with FALL decor

I drove to my parents house to decorate their house for FALL. I have so much fun going into the shops in my hometown. There are some of the neatest decor shops here. Every time I walk in them it makes me want to open up my own store even more!

I can see it now... Just Simply Southern {come home to comfort}

I'll keep dreaming.. for now...

I am also decorating and trying to get that part of my business up and running. I get to come every season and decorate my parents beautiful home. I have so much fun because it is so different than my home... and I get to shop!

{Here are some pictures of my parents house decorated for FALL}


Come on in and make yourself at home..

This is my favorite thing I added this year...

{A FALL Tree}

{I will post about how I created this FALL Tree this week}

Then I had to do this to both topiarys on both sides of my Dad's desk:

Happy FALL!

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  1. Just remember to say, your sister helped with some of those decorations :) but there are a few things you did without me. I want that hay in my barley twist and the fall tree looks wonderful! Wish I could decorate my own, but really no place for it inside my toy infested house! Maybe one day!

  2. Love what you have done at your parents! Fall is such a magical time and you captured that perfectly! Thanks for entering my giveaway at Nesting Place, good luck! I checked out your frames and they are fantastic!

  3. Found your blog from Nester's Giveaway post today. Love your fall decorating (especially your mantel). A quick scroll shows me we enjoy similar tastes, so I'll be reading through your other posts as well!

  4. you SHOULD open a shop! OR- just go rent a space somewhere and start there. you have the talent for it!!! beautiful pictures!

  5. soooo, why don't you make a trip up to indiana and help a girl out with her fall decor up here. you should get some great inspiration with the REAL fall weather feel. it's 48 degrees outside this morning.

  6. I LOVE the Fall tree idea! I stumbled upon some Halloween lights - purple orange and green - several years ago, and decided to adorn my double topary fake plant with them for the month of October... its fun!