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Sunday, August 9, 2009


(in)courage :: connecting people with the heart of God

what (in)courages me?

:: knowing that my amazing husband loves me unconditionally

:: tucking in my 2 sweet boys at bedtime

:: listening to christian music

:: helping people make their house a home

:: seeing my boys smiling faces when they wake up in the morning

:: decorating

:: starting my business: Just Simply Southern

:: hearing I Love You from my husband & 2 boys

:: having amazing loving parents & sister

:: gathering around the table at dinner

:: being a Christ follower

:: spending quality time with my family

:: being a mother, wife, sister, daughter

:: my parents have been married for over 30 years

:: attending my church, New Hope

:: creating frames for people so they can display their memories

:: both sets of grandparents have been married for over 50 years

:: my inlaws have been married over 45 years

:: meeting with my amazing bible study girlfriends

:: praying & teaching my boys to pray.. the power of prayer

:: creating an inviting, relaxing home for friends and family to come and hangout

this (in)courages me:

what (in)courages you?


  1. I followed your link from (in)courage and am so glad I did! I am also a Southern gal- and I love, LOVE your frames! I have a decorating co. and we just opened a kid's division....I'm thinking I'll be in touch with you very soon!

  2. It really helps to have an abundance of encouragement, doesn't it? You are blessed!

  3. From one good southern girl to another--honey, your site is just darlin'! (:
    Holley - (in)courage