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Monday, July 13, 2009

Griffin's Nursery part 1

Deacon enjoying quality time with his cousin Creighton.
{while we decorated}

They played so good together while we were working hard on Griffin's nursery.

They pretended to mow {like their pop-pop}-weedwacked- trimmed the lawn or the carpet, drove the mule, and had a good time at the water park.

This reminded me growing up and hanging out with our cousins Lori & Jenny.

Oh... the fun times growing up!


I had so much fun decorating my nephew's nursery this weekend.
My sister, Kimberly, and I wanted to get Griffin's room as ready as we could
before his arrival August 3rd.
We painted his room... the prettiest color tan... toasted almond {behr}.
--It made me think of chocolate milk--

Then I painted...and painted...and painted.

{with a little help from my 4 year old Deacon}

This color was amazing with the bedding my sister had custom made for the nursery.

{these curtains looked so amazing next to
the new wall color...the blue is gorgeous!}

{here are our 2 precious little helpers}
--please excuse their outfits! deacon found his halloween fireman outfit we handed down to is a little snug. when deacon wanted to be a fireman creighton had to be one too! he found something yellow in his closet and quickly put it on. they had fun "putting out fires with their lawn equipment. they are too cute!!--


The Room Was Finally Painted
We were so excited about how the room was turning out... until we had the bedding put on the bed and chair cover on the chair. There were some problems...BIG problems!
The seamstress had made a couple of mistakes when sewing the baby bedding. My sister called the lady that she bought the bedding from and told her about her concerns. She was actually come through Waco and said she would stop by and take a look at it. When she got there she took almost EVERYTHING! We were so glad she took the bedding back to fix it...but, sad at the same time. We worked so hard to get the room perfect!

Instead we had a new paint color on the walls and one empty room...
So, here are the only pictures we had BEFORE the bedding was sent back to get fixed.

{shutters are going to be used to put pictures
of baby griffin, family & friends}

As soon as the bedding is back I will take more pictures.
Until then....this is all we have.

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