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Monday, January 11, 2010


i. love. shopping. my. house.

you see...i have a problem not always being content with my decorations.

why can't i just like the way something is placed and leave it there for a long amount of time? i have always suffered from this. i remember when i was a little girl my side of the room always changed {i shared a room with my sister}. i was forever moving stuff around! then, i got married and i still did it... 10 years later i think my husband is used to it. {i remember he would walk into our apartment after work and say "am i in the wrong home?" haha! he never knew what our home would look like}

well, i have to admit... i did it again.

i went to a garage sale last fall and found this lovely chandelier that i could NOT pass up. it was b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l AND only $35. {i will post about it later}. i knew i could find a home for it quickly! as soon as i got it home i took it into the dining room and it fit perfect.

now i had to find a place for the old chandelier...

it sat in our garage for months...



waiting to get a new home...

i wanted my husband to hang the old chandelier in our bathroom but it took awhile {my adorable husband is not a handyman. God gave him other talents.}

well... it finally got hung after a little makeover :) i love reading lindsey's {the pleated poppy} blog. she just redid an old chandelier {here} that turned out amazing! when i saw that i thought of my chandelier and i knew it would be perfect.

the transformation:

{click to inlarge}

thanks lindsey for inspiring me!

i love how the twine gives the chandelier an old-worn feel.

i have not decided how i'm going to add crystals to the chandelier. ANY SUGGESTIONS?? IDEAS?

now my bathroom is complete.




{it's good to be back! my boys were both sick ALL. LAST. WEEK! i am sooo ready for spring!}

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  1. love it! i think you should leave it as is - it's perfect!

  2. this strikes a burlap chord with me ...
    love love love it

  3. That is SO cool! I LOVE your new chandelier and your re-vamped one! I rearrange things all.the.time too! Hope your having a great day! XOXO

  4. so super cute! great job JD!!!!

  5. LOVE that. Thank you....'cause I KNOW I am going to do that to a chandy very soon. :)

  6. LOVE THIS!! I wouldn't change a thing!! It looks fab-u-lous!

    Lou Cinda :)

  7. I LOVE shopping the house. Use what you have decorating is my favoritest kind!

  8. That turned out cute. I'm just the opposite- leave things where they're at for-ev-ah. Not so good.

  9. Wow, what a neat twist on an iron chandelier - I love it!!! Love the whole bathroom, as a matter of fact!

  10. Love that chandelier! Have you thought about adding feathers to it?

  11. LOVE the chandelier! What a great idea for all those ugly chandys you see at garage sales! Thanks for the idea. Gonna have to put that in the idea files!

  12. I stumbled across your blog from etsy - (love your things there) - So glad I found you.