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Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's Finished!

Remember this desk:

I saw this desk at a local antique store and automatically fell in love. I started thinking of all the different places I could put it in our home, how I could paint it, I could use it for my booths at different markets I'm going to, and how cute it would be decorated...and then..for the holidays... I just HAD to get this piece! I also loved the fact that it was the "perfect" height {or maybe I was just trying to convince myself I reALY needed this}. I walked around the store for about 5 minutes and then bought it! {I'm so glad I had my husband's truck that day}

I bought this amazing paint online that I just HAD to try out on this piece of furniture! I saw it on the Nesting Place and have talked about it ever since. I finally broke down and ordered it. Boy am I glad I did! It's called Caromal Colours: Distress for Success Kit. I bought Peppercorn & Putty. There are several other colors to choose from. This paint reminds me of Pottery Barn know the real expensive distressed ones! Here is one for $499.


So, with that distressed look in mind here is what I did.

First, I painted..or I should say blobbed on the furniture with peppercorn.

After I painted the desk I sanded it. Now it is time to put on the toner.

Now the piece is Finished!

Once the desk was finished I just HAD to do the desk chair.
Since I used peppercorn for the desk I wanted the chair to look a little different.
BEFORE: The chair was already painted white.

First, I blobbed peppercorn all over the chair:

Next, I put the chipping coat over the peppercorn.

Then, it was time to blob on Putty:

After Putty was painted I sanded the chair.

The last step is the toner. Here is my 4 year old, Deacon helping me with the chair. That is one thing that is great about this paint... you CAN'T mess it up!

Now it is all finished!

:: I can't wait to do my fireplace mantle ::


  1. you did an amazing job! love it:)

  2. OOh! That is just beautiful!

  3. I keep trying to comment and its not taking.. trying now via mozilla browser...

    what a transformation! I love this piece - great character and functionality... I like the chicken wire too....

    the peppercorn/putty is a great combo - really like how you changed up the finishes.. and great little helper!

  4. Oh wow!!! So so pretty!!!!

  5. Come do that to my hutch in the kitchen, please! Great job and I love your little helper. He can come too!

  6. I love that paint too and want to try it on something. Your pieces came out perfect.

    I will be e-mailing you about a feature on my blog. How are things going?


  7. That desk is awesome!! I just finished my first distressed piece of furniture, and will definitely look into Caromal Colours for my next project. Thanks so have a new follower, I love your shop!

  8. That looks soooo great! Patti is the bomb isn't she? You did great!

  9. Hi Kristi...I met you at the Barn this past Saturday and we spoke about refinishing furniture so I had to check out your site! You are my inspiration...We went Antique shopping yesterday looking for a bedroom set for my 4 y/o daughter. My mother-in-law and I are pumped to try to refinish it ourself... wish us luck. Please post pictures of the fireplace when you finish...can't wait to see it! Christie