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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

{my dream}

I am starting to live a dream that I have had all my life!

I remember in college touring the Design Department and my heart would pound with excitement....and that was just walking in a classroom!
I went on with my life... marrying the man of my dreams, having our first son Tristan, graduating college, becoming a teacher, and having our second son Deacon. I have been teaching for 5 years {2 years in 2nd & 3 years in 1st} and this was my last year teaching. I am looking forward to what God has in store for me...on my new adventure!

As I is so hard to believe it has been 5 years...
In the 9 1/2 years I've been married my decorating styles have changed.
One thing that has not changed is adding color! I do not think I have ever had a white wall...or I should say for long. Right when we got married we lived in an apartment {remember you can't paint} and I could only stand cream walls for so long. So, I bought red and pink fabric and striped my focal wall my bedroom....stapled it to the wall. I have had tons of art pictures all over the walls with bright colors and funky warm colors on the wall and that warm inviting "Southern Living" feel in our home.

I have enjoyed looking back in the past and looking at what I "used" to do to what I "do" now.
Some things I look at...I think "what on earth was I thinking" how come no one told me.... while others I still do today.
Here are some things that can give you inspiration when you decorate:
-look at magazines & cut out your favorite pictures {make a decorating binder}
or online: create a folder and copy the pictures in the file
- watch HGTV...they have some really great ideas
-search for all those amazing decorating blogs out there...& Bookmark them!
-go to show homes...they have some great ideas
-i love looking at Southern Living Magazine and BH & Gardens
-i also love taking pictures of ideas
My Dream of owning a small business is beginning to come true.
Just Simply Southern has decorating/consulting services.
If you need some help rearranging a room, accessorizing, or transforming a room I can help!
{prices on request}
Another side of Just Simply Southern is my precious frames.
My frames are an opportunity for me to create something just for you! If I can't come to your home and decorate with you than I can personalize a frame just for you!
I am adding more items in the shop as soon as I get back from vacation.
Here is some of the orders I have been working on..

{remember i have TONS of beautiful paper...
just let me know what colors/theme you want and I can let you know what I have}

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